How to sign up for a FREE WordPress Blog

how to sign up for blog wordpress for beginners

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How to sign up for a free blog

1. Go to (not

How to sign up for a free blog

2. Click the sign up now button.

3. Your user name will also be the name of your blog when you start out. you can change the display name of your blog later, but the url (web address) will always be your user name so you need to decide what you want the blog to be called since that is permanent.

free blog email confirmation

4. You will then be sent a confirmation email that you must click on and activate your new blogsite.

Email confirm for wordpress free blog

5. This is the email you will get. Click on the link and you will activate your new blog. You will be back in a new window at the site and see this window below.

Congratulations on your new free wordpress blog

Congratulations, you now are ready to start blogging!

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