Quick tip/trick to fix spacing issues or problem in WordPress post or page

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How to set up an RSS feed and email feed using Feedburner

I am forever trying help people with this and this website has the best directions I have found so far. How to set up an RSS feedburner subscription for... 

Advanced Image Editing and Working with images WordPress

This is an HD recording so for best viewing click on the icon in the corner of the video to view with full screen. Advanced Image Editing and Working... 

How to Embed a YouTube Video on your blog or website

How to add or embed a YouTube video in your WordPress blog or website. Linda Lee, Askmepc-Webdesign, WordPress Central  Read More →

Clone a blog in 32 seconds

If you use wordpress, you should check out this new tool. It clones your ENTIRE blog in seconds, so you can move it to anywhere you want… back it... 

How to add keywords, tags and categories on WordPress

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Adding Images into a WordPress Post or Page

How to add images in WordPress on a page or a post.  Read More →

Ask a Question!

Please feel free to ask a question in the comment section down below and I will answer it! Then everyone can benefit. Thank you. Who would benefit from... 

Adding images using Featured Content Gallery

You will need to have Featured Content Gallery installed and set up on your website first. If you would like to hire me to do that for you, please contact... 

Featured Content Gallery Video Help adding more images

Featured Content Gallery can be a bit confusing. It is a slideshow set up the shows featured posts with images that you select on your home page, depending...