How to set up your FREE askimet anti spam key in WordPress

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How to get your FREE Askimet Key for WordPress Blogs Website from WP Total Training on Vimeo.
Askimet is a free WordPress anti-spam plugin that comes with all installs of WordPress software.
You must activate it and have an askimet key to use it.
It really cuts down tremendously on website spam.

Take blogging one small step at a time. Avoid overwhelm!

Get started and learn how to blog online success

Now that is a great quote by Mark Twain, but you rarely see the second part of that quote which is this:

“The secret of getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one.”

That right there sums up working online.  If you have ever heard me speak or listened to my CD’s , or watched my videos,  you know that I emphasize the fact that to work online you must take it one small task at a time.

I work with beginners. I help those who are intimidated by this whole process of blogging or starting a website.
The set up, the posting, the pages, the designs, the twittering, facebook, linkedin, blog carnivals, blog catalogs,
youtube, podcasting, internet radio and so forth to just throw a fraction of what starts coming at you once
There are tons of websites out there that will take you through bootcamps, and internet marketing courses and how to get rich blogging and much more. There are some really good ones out there and a ton of scammy ones too.

I myself feel frustrated when I leave those sites half the time. I haven’t done half of what they tell me to do and
I think how can I ever find the time to do all the things they tell me to do?

Well guess what,  I can’t and most likely you can’t either. So I decided to stick with my audience, which is beginners.
I love helping people get started. I promise I will not scare you with buzz words and ideas and things that you do not understand yet.

I will help them and you get started and then if you want to fly off to the bootcamps and hardcore training, I wish everyone the best . If you found your way  here you are probably one of my “people”.  So welcome.

Rule number 1- One thing at a time. Block out the noise coming at you from the Internet and wear blinders while you are learning the basics.

What do I mean when I say that?
Once you commit to get started blogging or start a website, suddenly everyone seems to have advice for you!
People will start telling you , you must twitter, you must bebo, or yahoo buzz, or digg or propeller, and blog once a day and use this tool and that tool, and bla bla bla…

Yipes. Now you will feel like you already missed the boat, you can never catch up and everyone knows more then you do. Guess what? That is just not true. 80% of the people I met in my daily life have no idea what half of what I mentioned even is, and that includes young people.

People know a little bit about what they have used or like and they will want to tell you about it.
There is nothing wrong with that if you feel ready to expand what you are doing.

I suggest you make sure you are blogging once a week and writing a solid post using keywords and tags, and following the basics before you branch out, unless you feel comfortable and ready to add more to your plate.

Successful blogging is a commitment, but it should not make you feel overwhelmed.

What do you think?

Have any helpful tips that helped you?

If you have questions you would like to ask me, please ask me here:

I try to answer them as fast as I can. I love to hear from you.

Blogging 101 Advancing Past a Free Blogsite

1. Buy a domain name.

You do not have to have your hosting and domain names at the same place.

2. Find some good hosting, I recommend hostgator, or bluehost. I offer very good hosting plans for my clients only, so my server is well maintained and I know everyone on it.

3. Choose  a template. There are thousands of free WordPress templates to choose from.

4. Posting. You will want to post at least once a week to keep your new blogsite active and get some traffic in the search engines. The average length of blog articles is only 250-300 words. People like shorter lengths. So break up a long article into small chunks.

5. Ways to get some traffic. This is Web-speak for getting readers.

A. Technorati and Blog Catalog.
Technorati : is a blog directory. It lists blog websites by topics, 55 million strong.
Blog Catalog: is a huge directory of blog websites that is owned by Google. Both of these are free to list in and you will list yourself by subject or topic

B. Links from other blogs. Technorati rates on “authority”—which is the number of links your blog has. Google assigns “authority” based on relevant links you have from other websites, sites you link to are not as important when ranking your website/blog.
The highest ranking links you can get are .edu or .gov.

C. Press Releases:
You can create your own free press releases here:

D. Get out in the blog world and post on other blogs and Web sites.
Take part in the dialogue, always with a link back to your blog. This is key.

E. Put good keywords on your posts. These will be picked up by Google and other search engines.

F. Communicate with readers. Answer e-mail from readers. I have a separate e-mail account for this.

G. 4 out of 10 people now read blogs. With proper key words and links, people will find your blog when searching on Google.

H. Watch your stats. Learn who and where your readers are coming from.

I. Making money with a blog. There are many ways to do this. You can become an affiliate with places like Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Netflix, you
add your affiliate links and codes to your site and when someone clicks your link and buys, you get a %.

J. Adsense ads or other ad networks. Once you start getting traffic, you may want to add some ads on your site and make some money that way. It is free to join various ad networks and they will give you the html code you need to ad the ads to your blog website. This is also known as PPC, or Pay per Click.

K. Sell things on your site: You can sell anything on your site, ebooks, eguides, products, you can create products and open a free store at CafePress or Zazzle and link your store to your blogsite.

These are just a few ideas and basics to help you started. Whether you are blogging for fun or profit, just stick with it and you will see results. Getting started is half the battle. To learn more and watch How to Blog for beginners, visit me at

How to edit a page or a post in WordPress

1. Login to your Dashboard.


2. When you are done logging in your will looking at this, which is called your dashboard this is where you control your entire site in WordPress.


3. Select the post or page tab depending on what you want.  A page is a permanent page usually on the menu bar, a post is the blogging part of your blog. Be sure to select the correct one.


4. When you click pages, it will drop down, and then you will select “edit”.


5. You will now be in the editing section, this looks like this.


6. You will now begin to edit the page,you can preview it using the preview button. When you are done, hit the publish button, if you are updating an existing page or post it will say “update” instead.


This is the same procedure for posting,make sure you are on the correct section when working, (page or post).

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How to write and publish a post in WordPress

Watch Video on how to write and publish a post in WordPress.

Click the right side bottom corner of the video control bar to make the video full viewing size.

How to add an image in WordPress blog

This is my sample image, if you hover or it you will see what is called “alt text” and if you
click it you will go to this segment on “View from the Bay.”

Below are the video directions for how to add an image on a page or a post in WordPress.

Click the corner button of the video control panel for full size viewing of the video.

How to sign up for a FREE WordPress Blog

how to sign up for blog wordpress for beginners

Be sure to click the full screen view button on the bottom right
for clear and larger viewing of this video. Hover your mouse over the
bottom of the video for the control panel to pop up.

How to sign up for a free blog

1. Go to (not

How to sign up for a free blog

2. Click the sign up now button.

3. Your user name will also be the name of your blog when you start out. you can change the display name of your blog later, but the url (web address) will always be your user name so you need to decide what you want the blog to be called since that is permanent.

free blog email confirmation

4. You will then be sent a confirmation email that you must click on and activate your new blogsite.

Email confirm for wordpress free blog

5. This is the email you will get. Click on the link and you will activate your new blog. You will be back in a new window at the site and see this window below.

Congratulations on your new free wordpress blog

Congratulations, you now are ready to start blogging!